Monday, May 17, 2010

IESL Misguiding pensioners

Dear Friends ,
Please refer to mail below by the IESL.

The IESL is again MISGUIDING the Ex-Servicemen (and women) and playing the trumpet of the Govt. This is how ?

In the Appendix attached by IESL the following has been mentioned :-

''Based on Report of the Committee on “One Rank One Pension and Related Issues” submitted on 30 June, although OROP has not been approved, pensions of all pre 2006 retired PBOR based on their rank and service has been brought on par. In case of officers of Defence Forces and civil service pensioners, it was already so''.

The above is absolutely WRONG . Their portion ''now'' highlighted in Red ( to emphasise) says , ''has been brought on par''. They (IESL) have very cleverly left out , 'on par with WHAT?

What has happened is that 'Pre 1996 pensioners have been brought 'at par' with 01.01. 1996 retirees affected by the 5 Th Pay Commission , the date of being 'at par' has been cleverly left out by IESL . Those who retired before 01.01. 2006 , affected by the 6 Th Pay Commission Award have NOT been touched and have NOT been brought any where close to those retiring NOW, i.e POST 01.01. 2006.

The difference of pension of the pre 01.01.2006 Sepoy Retirees and those who retire NOW as on 01.01. 2010 ,is still Rs 2958 /-without DA and with DA Rs 3993 ,as given in the table below:-

Pension Sepoy “Y” Group with 17 years Service (in Rs)

Awarded by
vide 08 Mar 10 letter
Pension of Post 6th CPC Retirees wef

1.1. - 1.1. - 1.1. - 1.1. - 1.1.
06 07 08 09 10 Difference
Without DA4046497170457257747476987929 = 2958
With DA5462671195119797100901039210704 = 3993

For others , the differences vary with ranks held.

The IESL is MOST HUMBLY requested NOT to misguide us gullible ESM and accept the FACT that we are no where near OROP and JOIN IN THE STRUGGLE TO GET OROP.

Also , the IESL a/m Appendix says , ''In case of officers of Defence Forces and civil service pensioners, it was already so''. giving impression that what ever has been given to JCOs and ORs vide the Govt letter of 08 March was already given to officers . It is TOTALLY wrong . The Officers have NOT been given any thing other than bringing 'PRE 1996' retiree officers 'CLOSER' much earlier to those who retired on 01.01.1996 and up to 31.12.2005. They are no where closer to those who retired on or after 01.01.2006 . This disinformation by the IESL has created an impression in the minds of JCOs and ORs that the govt gave some thing to the officers before giving it to them , there by weakening their (JCOs and ORs) resolve to get OROP and adversely affecting the UNITY between officers and other ranks .

Hon'ble Veterans are requested to examine the above and comment on the same . If I am wrong I will render an unqualified apology to IESL or any one else. They are also requested to ask IESL NOT to indulge in HALF TRUTHS PLEASE.

With Warm Regards,
Yours' Sincerely,

Brig Harwant Singh (Retd)
54, Phase -7, MOHALI,(Pb)INDIA.

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