Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Govt Clogs wheels of Justice by Brig Harwant singh


The govt is the biggest litigant and in November 2009, Supreme Court came heavily against its resorting to unnecessary appeals . Though it loses almost all the cases yet the wheels of justice are clogged for decades and people suffer. One simple example will suffice . Military officers were wrongly denied Rank Pay’ granted by the 4th Pay Commission. Officers finally got redressal from to the Hon'ble Supreme Court after 24 years. Rather than gracefully honouring the verdict , the govt has appealed for reopening of the case and cancellation of orders It is nothing but delaying tactics and shows Govt’s callous attitude towards its military . Is it not enough that the Officers have been made to suffer from January 1986 and in the mean time some of them have even died? Law Minister in the recently concluded ‘‘All India Conference of the Central Administrative Tribunals’ , advised that that Government should go in litigation only where it is absolutely necessary. Will the bureaucrats please take the advice ?

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