Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Views of Col Raman

Dear Veterans,

The diktat of Brig Kamboj, as given below, may appear to be abrasive at the first glance. But he has every right to be so, since he has been working tirelessly for the past two years, for the cause of IESM. The call now for the burning of effigies, was preceded by another similar but much more violent call for putting out the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate, last year. There was tremendous amount of protest against the very thought of such a diabolical act by the Veterans.

We are all lambasting the Govt, for the way in which it is trying to stall, even the settled case of Rank Pay. To me, it appears to be a very strong case favouring the Veterans. My suggestion is for the IESM to take the legal course of action, where success is more or less guaranteed.

A court ruling in favour of Veterans will have an electrifying effect through out the Nation, than burning of a million effigies. The latter course of action, ie., burning or any other act of vandalism, will only tarnish the image of ESM for ever.

We may argue that since we are out of uniform, we have become civilians. Then why agitate for OROP, which is exclusively for the Veterans? If, as Veterans we are projecting some demands, then it is mandatory on our part to project our image also, as a disciplined & patriotic body with strong sense of dedication to the Nation.

We have shed only our uniforms. But NOT the honour & prestige attached to them.

Jai Hind!!


Veteran Raman

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