Tuesday, May 4, 2010


From: Christopher D'Silva chrisdsilva41@hotmail.com
Sent: 30 April 2010 23:05
To: CS Kamboj


The three courses of action postulated by Brigadier Ghuman, eminently deserve serious consideration and action towards implementation for the good of all serving and retired personnel of the Defence Forces. It is very important that the perpetrators of these shenanigans nearly 25 years ago are identified, pursued and made to account for the fraud committed on the Defence Forces.

Unless they are held accountable and made to pay, this story is going to be repeated with impunity by the Babus, even more brazenly in the future. And, the accountability should also include the Cabinet Secretary, the Defence Secretary, the concerned staff of the MOD, the Secretaries on the Ministry of Finance, including the Department of Economic Affairs, the then CGDA/CDA's, etc. Even the then Defence Minister should be made accountable, as after all, the 'buck' should rightly stop with him. Indeed, it would be then realised by the Babus and the politicians, that 'nemesis' always catches up and the long arm of the law does take its course, notwithstanding any delays, along the road to justice - 'Be you ever so high, the Law is above you".

A plea to this effect should be included in the 'Counter' that will have to be filed before the SC, making it as a stand alone plea, apart from other relevant pleadings on behalf of the Serving and retired personnel, both pre-1986 and post 1986, in the interest of deterrent against a repetition of the same scam in the future. In addition to any civil/criminal action, they should also be made to pay a financial penalty.

Besides, the current lot of Babus - the Cabinet Secretary, the Defence Secretary, The Secretaries in the Ministry of Finance and particularly the Expenditure Secretary Shushma Nath, the Legal Section of MOD and other officials, the present CGDA/CDA's, etc., should also be made as respondents. Even the present RM should be called account and asked to explain what issues/ circumstances prompted him to approve the filing of this misguided appeal. All this is essential to preclude any such repetitions in the future.

Lastly, it is necessary that as many of the Veterans across the whole of India should be made plaintiffs, as there is message in numbers and also to prevent the Government from pleading that the benefits be restricted only to the litigants. The IESM should therefore, implead itself on behalf of all its members. This applies to all other Veterans organisations as well. All should be ready to contribute towards a worthy and beneficial cause. As the numbers will be large, the contribution level is likely to be nominal.

"Bash on Regardless towards maintaining the 'Aim' selected.

Captain Christopher L.N. D'Silva, I.N. (Retd.)

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