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To: REPORT MY SIGNAL (Chander Kamboj)

Lt Col : Brij Mohan Thapa ,Veteran

Addressing thr Annual Generan meeting of Dehradun Ex Services League President Brig (Retd) K.G.Behl said that some time back some of the electronic media channels and Newspapers published that one rank one pension demand has been met or Govt. accepts Defence demands etc.and their headings aroused wrong repercussions and created false hopes. Many Defence Officers too thought that one rank one pension has come through for PBOR and will soon come for officers too. It was a false alarm as the MOD instructions 08.3.2010 have merely equated the pre 1997 pension with post Oct 1997 pension and brings them to pre 2006 pension but no where near Post1.1.2006 pension which stays untouched. There were certain anomalies in regrouping PBOR in XY Classification scales and in the Latest MOD Instructions of 08 Mar 2010 they have tried to remove some of the anomalies by which some of them, who were earlier put in lower classifications. now get benefited as they are placed in classification X or Y. They will get the difference between the two and DA there on.

The fact remains that what ever 4th ,5th and 6th CPC granted to Defence Forces has yet not been fully paid. Even the Rank Pay granted by the 4th CPC w.e.f. 1.1.1986 has not yet been paid as the equivalent amount was deducted from each officers Basic Pay without Rhyme or reason as already twice pronounced by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the Kerala High Court is being denied. Instead of gracefully accepting their fault they want the Court to assert that they were right and probably need a bigger blow or strictures from the Supreme Court to implement orders even at this late date. Probably Media can expose them better to force them to admit their fault and give Defence Forces their due. To cover their misdeeds, even the minor faults of some bad elements or individuals, who are found in every Department, are blown up and exposed through Media to give a bad name to the Defence Forces. This needs to be checked.

The 5TH CPC too granted certain benefits to the civil and ordered that the same be provided to Defence Forces. Inspite of reminding all concerned authorities in the channel, through proper channels, including the Hon’ble President, the DefenceMinister , the Secretaries and Chiefs and getting points raised in Parliament, nothing came out during that decade, though all relevant Paras were quoted and copies supplied and the benefits were denied.

The 6th CPC was not provided relevant data especially the points which were not implemented of the 4th and 5th CPC and deductions made from Basic Pay which affected in placing them in lower scales, allotting lower Grade pay and status, which led to lot of chaos and Govt. was forced to raise those later. But still the facts were not brought out. The PBOR who were being retired at the Maximum of the scale were brought down to 50% of the Pay last drawn for ten months. It was done because the commission was made to understand that they will be given some alternate appointments after retirement in Police etc, which was not there. Moreover the formula of 1.86 introduced to work out new pay/ pension has not been implemented fully and those who were getting more earlier have been brought down while fixing in new grades and revised scales. Only God knows from where they have brought the word minimum of the scale where as there is no mention of it in the 6th CPC report as done for serving personnel .by giving some benefit here and some befit there, they have spoiled the very system of working of the Defence Forces, which can only be set right till a Defence Pay Commission is separately set by the Govt. 08 Mar 2010 letter of MOD is an attempt to improve the emoluments thus reduced and remove anomalies in classification of trades now limited to X and Y. If all the above points are implemented automatically they will come closer to one rank one pension and the problem of OROP which is unique for Defence Forces alone, since their whole structure is rank based. This imbalanced caused can be easily saved by instituting a Defence Commission. It is an urgent requirement of the Armed Forces.

The following points which the State Govt. should implement:-

1. There is no proper War Memorial in Uttarakhand and it is urgently required to pay homage to the martyrs and boost the morale of the Armed Forces and give
incentive to youngsters to join Armed Forces. The Chir Bagh area on cantt road on way to circuit house is most suitable for the purpose and is a Defence land.

2. The Kargil War Memorial is lying in almost neglected state without proper sanctity. Some guard should be positioned there to ensure that people do not use it as sitting or gossiping platform. Actually it needs to be widened and a place be earmarked as saluting base where on ceremonial occasions guard should come and give proper salute.

3. A vast potential of Ex- Servicemen is available at Dehradun and other districts of the state with a variety of experience in administration, security, technical and other matters. This can be usefully utilized in the development of the state by formulating certain schemes where they can be motivated to work with some incentive when called upon to help. It can be an Auxiliary disciplined force which will be available as additional help as and when required. They can help as and when any additional activities come on certain departments for organizing various events like sports and games, Fairs( melas) or carry out certain checks etc. in different parts of the town or district, where they are available as teams for help even during disaster management or other emergency matters. They can help even in running schools in remote areas where teachers are not available for short durations. Services of ladies can be utilized for running Aanganwaries.

4. Loss of revenue by the State when persons allotted vehicles by CSD are made to purchase those from adjoining States to save excise duty. State should provide the facility here itself to avoid loss to state and unnecessary harassment to ndividuals.

5. Sainik Kalyan and Punarvas Board apartments set for stay of visitors have not yet been furnished though more than one year has elapsed. It needs to be expedited. So that it could be used for the purpose it is made for.
I take this opportunity to thank Col K.L.Dewan, our expert on pensionery matters, who has worked out so many details and our team of officers who worked hard to make this function a success especially all Lt Cols B.M.Thapa, B.S.Chhetri, R.P.Jairath, R.K.Arya, U.S. Thakur.
I am also thankful to Dr. Nautiyal, our media incharge and presidents of all Shakhas for their cooperation and good work. I am extremely grateful to the GOC 14 RAPID(S) and GOC Uttaranchal Sub Area for their generous help without which it would not have been possible to organize this function.. I am also thankful to the commander 501 FSEG for their cooperation and help. I am also thankful to the Gorkha Sudhar Sabha officials for making this hall available and providing other facilities.

I am thankful to you all for joining us today and especially the media for covering the function.
At the close of the function Lt Col B.S..Chhetri, the Senior vice President proposed the vote of thanks and thanked all.

Earlier Lt Col B.M.Thapa, Gen Secy read out the names of ESM who died during the year and all observed two minutes silence to pay homage and later Gen Secy presented his Annual activities report of the year. Lt Col R P.Jairath, the Treasurer presented accounts and audited Balance Sheet which were approved by the house.

Col K.L.Dewan, the expert in pension matters gave his views on latest MOD letters and the likely benefits which are to accrue to individuals. He wondered as to why the benefits are being denied to families and hony rank holders. He wanted all to unite under one banner if they wish to achieve results.

Lt Col U.S.Thakur presented his views on ECHS difficulties and wanted Haridwar Road dispensary to be brought to clement town as per strength of Ex-Servicemen there where more and better facilities can be made available for its early start.

Col R.C. Joshi who also worked out some data on the basis of Tables supplies by PCDA on the basis of which he can guide people as to how much they can get and ask Banks to pay accordingly Col V.K.Verma, an advocate and expert on Defence tribunals spoke about different ways to approach them and how to project cases. Those can be of any type but have to be filed within three months of the happening. But old cases where injustice is feared and supporting documents are available can be considered.

The President later released the Annual News Letter No.17 which was compiled by Lt Col B M Thapa, Gen Secy, which gave lot of details of latest letters and other releveant information for all, along with photographs of various functions held.

One veer naari from each Shakha (14) were honoured with suitable presents. Best Shakha, Naya Gaon, was also honoured.
Source/In Put
Lt Col B M Thapa, Veteran
Gen Secy, DESL, Dehradun

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