Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maj Navdeep Singh's Blog by Col Raman

Dear Veterans,

The focus of my previous mail was to fight for our legitimate right to get the pension as authorised by the Govt based on the recommendations of the SPC. Maj Navdeep Singh had brought out this fact clearly some time back. To quote from his blog,
"Considering the spirit of the orders consequent to Fifth pay commission, where the pension of Pre 1996 pensioners was ensured at 50% of the minimum of the pay scales applicable to the concerned rank, it is evident that this has been denied to pre 2006 pensioners consequent to the implementation of VIth CPC report duly modified thereafter.

The anomaly has occurred primarily due to the wrongful calculation of Pension to Pre 2006 Pensioners based on the minimum of the Pay Band (NOT Pay scale). The table below will illustrate the losses per month.

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Rank Pension based on 50% of Minimum of Pay scale Existing Pension Denied
Lt 13500 13500 0
Capt 15350 13850 1500
Maj 18205 14100 4105
Lt Col 26265 25700 565
Col 27795 26050 1745
Brig 29145 26150 2995

Similar is the case with NCOs & Sepoys.

This issue is not related to OROP, but wrongful fixation of pension based on misinterpretation of the Rules ( may be deliberately). The ESM Organisations may take up this case to AFT, so that all Veterans get their legitimate dues as per the existing regulations.
There is no risk involved even if a negative ruling is given by the Court, since this appeal is independent of our main issue of OROP.

The second important aspect is the issue of PPO. The PCDA, the Agency created by the Govt to exclusively look after the Pensions of the Armed Forces personnel has conveniently passed it on to the selected Nationalised Banks, who are not at all equipped to deal with such matters, leave alone issuing of revised PPO to all pensioners. This matter can also be taken up with the AFT, with a prayer for a direction to be issued to the concerned authority, to strictly adhere to a time bound programme by which all Defence Pesionsrs are issed with the revised PPO.

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