Monday, June 7, 2010

IESM UPDATES ..Col Rajan's South Zone meet

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
Reference email below.

Col SS Rajan, Convener IESM South Zone, is a sapper – highly devoted to the cause of ESM and IESM.
My rough guess is that in last two years or so – he must have spent over Rs 2.00 lakh from his pocket – running up & down India for promoting IESM.
He spends thousands of rupees on telephone call bills per month, calling ESM all over the world.

A ‘no nonsense man’ – who would go to any extent to promote IESM goals.
Only problem is that at time he is rather harsh with the members of The Governing Body, who find it difficult to manage his moods – I suppose we all have our idiosyncrasies. Therefore, each member of the Governing Body and All India Core Group loves him immensely.

For information of those, who are not familiar with creation of IESM, Col SS Rajan is among the few veterans who worked (and working) tirelessly, at the cost of their family-time and health, for benefit of all ESM, irrespective of the Service and Rank of any ESM.

While many devoted ESM have worked for raising the IESM, IT IS COL SS RAJAN, who is responsible for calling the All India ESM Meet at Noida on 13 Aug 2008, when IESM was born.

The formal registration of IESM with registrar of Companies was achieved in December 2008 by hard work of Gen Kadyan, Gen Renjen and Gen Satbir.
Of course – they were helped by many other devoted ESM. Those of you who wish to read the MoU of the IESM, cand do so on the websites mentioned above in the header of this email.

There are a large number of persons, who in the recent past have started talking against IESM, like the ‘mendaks in barsat’.
It is time for all those “Doubting Toms” to pipe down – because IESM will achieve its goals definitely and put all those Doubting Toms to shame.

It is time for all ESM to understand that IESM is not just another ESM organisation, but a confederation of large number of those ESM organisations which do not toe the line of the Govt or politicians; those who wanted to toe the line of the Govt refused to join IESM.

While IESM does approach leading political personalities of various political parties – it is a ‘apolitical ESM organisation’ – have no doubts about it.

“Rajan” – keep it up. We all, “The Praja”, admire your tireless efforts for welfare of all ESM.
GOD be with you and your supporters at Bangalore and around for a grand successful meet of ESM on 27 Jun 10.

The email ID of Col SS Rajan is - .

In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.


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