Monday, June 7, 2010


Subject: ECHS CARD
Brigadier PTGangadharan,Guards,
Tel:0495 2356863/9447766863

Dear Sir,

Please give this mail wide publicity so that it even reaches down to villages where our Ex servicemen all over the country are located.

Based on our continuous requests to MOD, the identity cards significantly different to the present ECHS cards have been approved and are already under issue.

Separate orders by MOD and the Services will be issued to ECHS/HOSPITALS etc to provide immediate priority care to the War Disabled Veterans on production of the ECHS card now being issued. The colour of the card is WHITE and it will be clearly written "WAR DISABLED VETERANS" or "WAR CASUALTY VETERANS"

All Disabled War Veterans are requested to immediately download the attached form and fill page one. Sign it and submit to your ECHS Clinic. Please enclose following documents with the form:

1. Attach Photo on form for each card desired
2. Provide proof of War Disability ie Part II Order or CGDA Pay slip indicating WIP
3. Photocopy of existing card.
4. Pay order/Demand draft for Rs 135/- per card required in the name of "Regional Centre ECHS----place"

The old card will be retained by you till new cards are ready. They will be required to be produced the moment new cards are ready and the new cards will be activated and the old destroyed.

There are other concessions that we have sought and this card would be the identity to make use of such concessions. The information of these would follow.

Col H N Handa
President DIWAVE

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