Sunday, June 13, 2010

News from Lt Gen HB Kala

From: H B Kala []
Sent: 24 May 2010 18:54
Subject: All is Well

Dear friends,

My apologies for having remained quiet for such a long time.
On 31 March this year, I underwent knee surgery and was given a brand new left knee by Brig VK Singh and his team in Primus Super-speciality Hospital, Chankayapuri, ND. They have done a super job and I am already walking normally and driving my own car.

The other knee had been replaced in December 2000. I am now a 'Bionic Man' but sans the qualities of superhuman endurance associated with him. But it does feel good to feel normal. Next week, I plan to re-invent my hockey skills in the local golf course. I am not sure if any of my dear friends will be considerate enough to spare an afternoon for me. I won't blame them; it needs an extraordinary sacrifice on the part of regular golfers to 'desert their foursome' amd take a purposeless errand around the course with someone like me. But everything has a brighter side also. My game on that day is bound to make the local caddies richer by three to four golf balls.

I see many of my colleagues and their better halves sufering unnecessarily (as I did for nine years), apprehensive about the outcome of the operation. To them, I would like to say -- Please report to the nearest ECHS as soon as you finish reading this mail. You will have many reasons to thank me.

I hope to remain in touch with all of you, particularly my coursemates whom I will meet end of this year during our Golden Jubilee Celebrations at IMA.
With warm regards --
Hira Kala
(Lt Gen HB Kala, Former Army Commander)


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