Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ex-servicemen deserve a better deal by Wg-Cdr S.C. KAPOOR (retd), Noida

While making a strong case for grant of one-rank-one-pension (OROP) to the retired military personnel, in his article, “Raw deal for ex-servicemen” (Sunday Oped, May 23), Lt-Gen Raj Kadyan (retd) has brought out ample evidence to show how this demand — central to and necessitated by the ethos and singular service conditions of the armed forces — has been willfully scuttled over the years by the bureaucratic stranglehold.

We need to remember that disaffection and disgruntlement among the retired soldiers, sailors and airmen is bound to adversely affect the morale, discipline and professional competence of their counterparts on active service, a situation that cannot be accepted with equanimity.

The defence forces — the ultimate bastion of a country’s integrity, security and democratic institutions — cannot be deprived of their rightful due and place in society and yet be taken for granted forever. Non-implementation of OROP may prove to be one of the last straws on the camel’s back.
Wg-Cdr S.C. KAPOOR (retd), Noida
Ex-servicemen deserve a better deal

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