Monday, September 7, 2009


Dear Sir,
Reference the decision conveyed at the IESM meeting at NOIDA on 30 August 2009 regarding setting up of the IESM CSD Division to address the grievances / problems of ex-servicemen related to CSD.

As you are aware that Brig Harwant and I were nominated to head this Division of the IESM. The Central Division is in place and ready to under take responsibilities to deal with complaints of ex-servicemen pertaining to CSD.

While initially we may face some teething problems we hope to be able to respond to every case individually / collectively depending on the type of complaint.

May I request you to please pass this information through your net work to all IESM members to please make a note of my/Brig Harwant's e-mail ID and send in their complaints through you, to us directly as they desire.

We shall then address the complaint and have it resolved.
(Lt Gen Jagdish Chander, Former DG ASC and Former MD CSD(I), settled at New Delhi)

Copy to:-
Brig Harwant Singh. Please confirm if this has your approval .

Dear Veterans.
Your suggestions or complaints pertaining to CSD (I) should kindly be sent directly to Gen Jagdish Chander and Brig Harwant Singh and please do not endorse copies of such emails to me.
I am much too overloaded with emails. – PLEASE. – Chander Kamboj.

Email IDs –
Lt Gen Jagdish Chander –
Brig Harwant Singh (Chandigarh) -

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