Monday, September 21, 2009

Views of Col Raman on V Adm Harinder Singh's letter

Dear Colonel Srinivas,

I request all Veterans to read the mail by V Adm Harinder Singh, which is published in the IESM Web Site. He has proclaimed the disassociation of Navy Foundation Delhi Chapter(NFDC) from all the ESM Movements, especially with the IESL. As far as Tamilnadu is concerned, both the Organisations, The IESM & IESL have been complementing each other. In fact most of our endeavours were supported by IESL, both in terms of man power & money.

Coming to your point about the Meet providing enough opportunity to a number of PBOR expressing their views, is granted. But the draw back is that these points would not be analysed & concrete action taken, due to paucity of time. The audience would be treated with a series of speeches, some even bordering instigation & threats, or castigating some other ESM Organisations. The control mechanism will be totally absent in such Meets, since the Show Casing of our strength will be of overriding consideration. We are witness to such events in Noida, though the Minutes of that Meet are silent about them.

The Seminar, on the other hand, is a deliberately planned affair, with a proper Agenda & points discussed by responsible members of the ESM Organisations, which can lead to the consensus on some of the issues at least, which shall be binding on all ESM Organisations.

What we require today is the UNITY of all ESM Organisations & not the individual Organisations trying to show case their own strength. Such efforts, to my mind, will only pave way of further splintering our ESM Community as already happened with IESM in Punjab & now with the Navy. In our own example, Col CT Arasu from Thanjavur, assured me of sending three reps from IESL Tamilnadu for the Noida Meet. But had to withdraw his assurance, since the communications, though proclaimed of All India ESM Meet, had the under tone of a purely IESM Anniversary.

My good wishes for the Meet are always there. I will definitely honour your invitation.


Veteran Raman

--- On Mon, 21/9/09, Colonelrajan Srinivas

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