Friday, September 25, 2009

Vijay Divas 2009 celebrations

From: Rakesh Prasad Chaturvedi
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 8:03 PM
Subject: Vijay Divas 2009

In its constant endeavor to honour independent India's major military operations, the Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) will celebrate 16 Dec- Vijay Divas, as a series of checkered activities involving the citizenry at large. These would encompass sports, lectures in schools/ colleges, entertainment, social activities etc over one week/ fortnight. It is recommended that ESM authors/ those with a flair for writing, must plan a series of articles, commentries etc to appear during that period.

Obviously there will be a requirement for sponsors/ those who may be motivated to organize festivities in their organizations. It is for identifying such vibrant people that I write to seek your assistance.

May I request your inputs on the following ASAP?
References of corporate/ societies/ individuals who can be approached for sponsorship? Would you do the footwork/ canvassing for this?
References of corporate/ societies/ individuals who would be interested to ORGANIZE events, say Kavi Sammelan/ Musicals? Sound and Light shows?
References of ESM/ anyone, who would write about this remarkable operation that makes the WW2 Blitzkrieg look like slow traffic on MG Road? About this, the First Military Victory in Indian History?
...............and those who would be able to organize presentations on TV?
Suggestions on WHAT events can be organized? Remember its Pan India effort.
What activities/ assitance YOU can take on?
Any other points you feel would help us do a good job.

With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,
A-35, Sector 36,
Noida 201303.
Mob: +919891279035

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