Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rejoinder to Mr Davar by Cdr Pathak..Pune

Dear Pravin Davar

It appears that your stint with the Defence forces was extremely short and you have a longer political career.It is no wonder that you are very much interested in propagating the false information of your Masters.I now know where your loyalty lies ,since i have learnt how you transited from Defence forces to politics.

For your education since you seems to have no knowledge of what OROP is all about i am attaching a paper on the subject.

I hope after reading this paper you will understand what false information you are spreading.It does not show up well for a political party with such standing that it resorts to spreading false information.

I hope the party and you in particular will have the courage to face the truth and own up that you have made a mistake in your mail and by both the RM and FM is giving peanuts in the Budget and calling it OROP.


R W Pathak

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