Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rejoinder to Mr Davar by Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh

Mr Praveen Davar,

I am afraid you seem to have no knowledge at all of the feelings of neglect and hurt being felt by the Defence Services Veterans as a result of the step motherly treatment received by them consequent to the 6th Pay Commission, the unfulfilled promises made by the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister and the President during her address to the Parliament Regarding OROP.

The status of the Military, their pays and pensions have been continuously down graded/ reduced when ever the Congress Party has been in power. It has reached the lowest as a result of the 6th Pay Commission Report.

The present President of the Congress Party/ Chair person of UPA and the young budding leader have not said a word to assuage the feelings of hurt of the Veterans or listened to them with patience. They are too busy politicking and have no time even to meet the Defence veterans who have paid supreme sacrifices to defend the integrity of the Nation. Repeated requests for a meeting have borne no fruit. Isn't this a sad happening and attitude of disinterest and neglect of the Congress Leadership??

The UPA Government and its top political functionaries do not deserve any thanks from the Veterans. It is a Government run by the bureaucrats who have garnered the maximum pays, promotion prospects and thrown some crumbs to the Defence Services Veterans. The Political leadership has failed to give them appropriate directions. What has been doled out is inadequate and some of its provisions illogical and insufficient.

This has resulted in thousands of Veterans resorting to agitational approach, fasts and returning their service and gallantry medals to the Supreme Commander. THIS HAS HAPPENED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OUR COUNTRY, AND ALL DUE TO INTRANSIGENCE OF UPA GOVERNMENT AND ITS POLITICAL LEADERSHIP.

God save our country, where the Defence Veterans have to agitate to try and get their Pensions and the top political leadership does not even meet them!!! The UPA Government and its Chairperson and political leadership need to introspect. Their lack of empathy and interest for the Defence Personnel bodes ill for the security of the Nation.

The Defence Services Veterans are well versed in courtesies and will certainly thank the UPA or any other Government, as and when it is deserved.
Harbhajan Singh
Lt Gen (Retd) Param Vashisht Seva Medal

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