Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welfare : Education in US by Veterans

From: Siddhartha Bose

Date: 2009/9/15

Subject: [MilitaryVeterans] Welfare : Education in US by Veterans

To: M V
Cc: Colonelrajan Srinivas

As a Veteran, You Do Not Need to Pay for a Your Education in US
Here are 3 benefits that will not only cover their expenses, but will help them graduate faster.

GI Bill – Pays over $49,000

College Credit for Service – Schools may offer up to a full semester of credit
Scholarships – Over $300 million listed on Military.com
We also should make an endeavour to help needy Veterans as a part of our duty. IESM can think of opening a cell and attract donations from corporate sector.

Col Siddhartha Bose

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