Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mail By V Adm Harinder singh on future course...viz IESL

Dear Brig Gulia,

I think the IESL has had several meetings with the big wigs in the South Block and few have been attended by NFDC rep to butteress our common case. We have been disappointed with the results and feel that these meetings have been, continue to be a waste of time, serve the ends of one ESM and only help the MOD in delaying every thing and give an impression that they want to help us. Your letter / discussions contain nothing but what we have gone over on several occasions and in several fora and can hardly be considered a success other that to advertise IESL.

NFDC has reviewed our current status of collaboration with other ESM Organisations in the light of our failure to get our demands met by the GOI and the failure of some of the ESM organisation to deliver on their promises and therefore want to disassociate our selves from all such future joint efforts.

NFDC will here after revert to our independence and will independently decide on our way ahead to achieve our goals. No NFDC rep will hereafter liasion or co-ordinate with IESM. All issues may please be referred to me or other Navy Foundation office bearers.

Thanks and Regards

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  1. . No NFDC rep will hereafter liasion or co-ordinate with IESM.
    Is this a typing error while reproducing the email by you.
    Should not this read as IESL in place of IESM?
    Kindly elucidate.