Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Veteran Bhupal sing Views ..Australia

From: bhupal singh
Cc: Kamboj Chander ; TRUNCATED
Sent: Wednesday, 23 September, 2009 8:23:08 AM
Subject: RE: [MilitaryVeterans] Re:

Dear All,

I feel distraught and flabbergasted to read the unsavoury and at times undesirable critques being passed around lately in various e-mails. Gentlemen and my respected veterans, it is high time that we took ourselves out of the "well" and considered the larger interest of the ESM fraternity. We are all senior & experienced enough and do not need any advice in respect of our common aim i.e. OROP and other welfare meaures. So, let us STOP
the bickering about trivial issues, join hands for the larger issue at hand and get going. We all understand " United We Stand and Divided We Fall " . Disunity is an omen for failure. So, let us devote our efforts for UNITY of the Movement & the AIM of the Movement and not waste our time on extraneous issues. All other issues should be secondary & resolved mutually in a dignified manner.

2. I am sure our blog is being monitored by UNAUTHORISED individuals & agencies also. The
contoversary presently going onis bound to depict not only all of us in a very poor light but also the ' powers that be ' will not even give a thought to us and therefore, in the larger interest of all of us, we STOP it forthwith. This is my humble suggestion and I am certain all of you will give it a thought.

The IESM Movement has certainly brought all of us to-gether in just a little over one year by the selfless & devoted efforts of all of you especially the Core Group, the Steering Committee & the Regional Cells, which by itself is a great achievement. If we now by our mutual differences let it down, it will be a shame on all of us and we will never recover in times to come. Let us, therefore, bury the hatcet and unite to fight for our cause.

3. I sincerely hope that all of you will STOP further contoversary and find ways to generate
good-will amongst each other to lead the Movement to success.

With warm regards to all of you best wishes for the success of the movement,

Bhupal Singh, Veteran


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