Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Views by Air Cmde Raghubir Singh on Re-organisation

Dear Gen Raj Kadiyan/Gen Satbir Singh,

Objections, resentments & questions about the new appointments are signals of good health for the growth of our movement which has caught up the imagination of the ESM community in just about one year. For sure every one cannot be accommodated but those who have been working for the cause of ESM welfare need to be taken on board –primarily to enrich this movement with their experience. You may also like to lay down norms like ranks for the State Convener( Say Maj Gen/Brig age less than 65Yrs) certain min ratio between Officers/JCO/OR in the Committees & above all dynamism and commitment to the cause of the appointees. Let us take all criticism as healthy inputs to improve the org learning curve so essential during the initial phases of growth.


Air Cmde Raghubir Singh (Retd)

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  1. Dear Veterans,
    Regards.I would like to comment on the two new posts pasted in. Report My signal. blog.If the govt. has not issued the orders for so called OROP for JCOs,SNCOs,NCOs and O.R.yet, it is due to the reaction of senior officers pressing for OROP as they think Govt. should give which will,perhaps, not see the light for an other 10 years atleast. As such .only they are to blamed.