Monday, March 8, 2010

HT .Letter to Editor on ..OROP

Dear Sir,

In response to your news in HT today on the above subject,i am writing following for publication in Letters to The Editors column.

1. 'One Rank One Pension' is a long standing demand of Ex Servicemen.Congress Party and BJP both have accepted the same IN THEIR ELECTIONS MANIFESTO.A sum of Rs 2100 crores was earmarked also by the UPA for granting parity in pension to men below officers rank.The same has also been denied to them for so long.Soldiers have been demanding their justified parity in pension irrespective of date of retirement on the plea that they retire at an very early age,their service conditions are much harder than any other service and the same had been accepted by all.To linger it further will only result in lowering the moral of serving soldiers and shortage of officers since no talented young man wants to join services today.

2. Can we request our fellow citizens to support just demand of the Veterans.


Brig Nawab Singh-Retd
878/ph 3-b2 ,mohali


  1. Army tribunal grants one rank one pension

    Bhartesh Singh Thakur, Hindustan Times
    Chandigarh, March 08, 2010
    First Published: 23:49 IST(8/3/2010)
    Last Updated: 23:52 IST(8/3/2010)

    The Chandigarh bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal has directed the Union government to grant one rank one pension or the same pension to personnel belonging to the same rank, irrespective of the date of retirement.
    Deciding on the cases of Babu Ram Dhiman vs Union of India and Sohan Singh vs Union of India, the tribunal on Monday said, “It is quite clear that the State cannot lay down different criteria for grant of pension for same rank of officers and Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) on the basis of the cut-off date of retirement. All pensioners, irrespective of the date of retirement are entitled to (the) same pension.”
    The judgment also said grant of unequal pay in the same rank was a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution that grants equal rights to all citizens.
    The All India Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare Association, Chandigarh, under its legal aid scheme, filed these two cases seeking a direction to the Ministry of Defence to revise the pension of those who retired before January 2006 to put them on par with post-September 2008 pensioners.
    Bhim Sen Sehgal, chairman of the association and Rajesh Sehgal, petitioners’ counsel, submitted that a Havildar who retired before January 2006 gets a pension of Rs 4,060 per month while those retiring after September 2008 get Rs 7,846. Similar are the cases of equivalent ranks of the Army, Navy and Air Force, they said.
    Amar Preet Sandhu, the central government’s lawyer maintained that the matter was under the government’s consideration.
    Here is the news that we all have been looking forward to.Let us wait & see the Govt reaction to this verdict by the AFT Chandigarh.

  2. Dear Veteran (Brig.)Nawab Singh Ji,
    Regards.It is heard that said orders for granting Modified Parity in Pension to JCOs. and below have been issed on 8-3-2010.These may be available on net soon.
    Veteran Prabhjot Singh PLS Retd.