Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OROp by Air Cmde Raghubir singh

Dear Colonel Rajan,

Seminar on OROP is exellent idea. But we should be discussing why OROP is

essentail for defence personnel like retiring young, inflation, steep pyramid of promotion,

unique service conditions, history of OROP, promises made & promises not honoured, how

officialdom has ensured denial of OROP, comparison of pension to defence personnel in

other countries, fall out of Major Dhanaplan's case and also due to shifting upwards by one

rank by abolition of 2nd Lt rank. A Lt Col of yesteryears is equivalent to Col virtually?

Delhi may be better location & you can invite the political big-wigs and services heads for

inauguration & send the seminar document to various people who matter.

My humble request would be not to redefine OROP - Only difference may be about taking

total service or years in the last rank.This can be soted out.

Air Cmde Raghubir Singh (Retd)

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