Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well Done RDOA by Lt Col BM Thapa

Dear Col Sharma,
All def Retd personnel of India owe deep gratitude to you for your dedicated day and night efforts due to which you have done a great service not only to help the Retd def personnel but also to apprise the Govt for their bad attitude of not helping the def forces in many ways. In short span of time Govt has lost two such cases due to their adamant and stubborn attitude and in future also Govt is going to loose many more cases for such injustice done. Now is the high time for the Govt to issue G O for OROP immediately failing which Govt will be legally forced to do needful under the leadership person like you.
On 14 Mar 10, ESM of Doonites having Rally cum Press Conference under the leadership of Brig K G Behl, President ESM who is returning from Vietnam to Dehradun on 10 Mar 10 for this very purpose.
With fondest Regards.
(Lt Col B M Thapa, Veteran
General Secretary
Dehradun Ex-Services League
Member Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement
Presently at Singapore

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