Thursday, March 4, 2010

Signing of Memo in Blood

Dear Veterans
As a follow up of my last mail, I could see that on 3.3.10 Mr Advani did ask the PM on the OROP issue on the floor of the parliament and the reply from the PM was not specific to the question. He only said that whatever was promised in the Budget Speech in 2009 has been implemented.Here is the cue for all of us to see and understand. The President said something-committee was formed-the committee did not recommend OROP- the reasons cited were not adequate or convincing- the FM says something on the subject in his budget speech in 2009-the PM says on 3rd Mar.10 that OROP as said in the budget speech is completed.We all en-mass or individually can send emails to all MPs opp+ruling party.In case no response then follow up again and continue to send mails till their inboxes are full . This may appear to be a naive suggestion but is a MUNNABHAI approach in my view.
We need to understand that out of approx 20 lacs ESM our membership is only about 6000.We are all old above 60 yrs of age .In our prime age we had contributed tremendously to the society though the present age society perhaps needs further contribution to it from us.The PM or the DM or the Government as a whole would take no note of our presence as we are no where a votebank or a significant lot.The commitment of our Government is not total as that of the President of the USA who expressed total commitment towards his country's servicemen. We have to find ways & means to be heard by the people who wield power. The present society generally wants its old people to go to old age homes while some in the same society do respect&love their elders and keep them under the care of the family till the end.Our Government too thinks about us in the same way so to be heard some thing new has to be done.My way of Munnabhai is there , & each one of us can think about more novel ways to make us heard in the corridors of power .
Jai Hind
Vijoy K. Ambasta

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