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IESM in the Eyes of AFVOA by Col Raman

From: ramantn sarma
Sent: 14 March 2010 20:42
To: Core Group IESM; afvoa chennai; REPORT MY SIGNAL (CS Kamboj); Subramanyam VA
Cc: Satbir Singh; Raj Kadyan Lt Gen; Vinodh Gandhi
Subject: IESM in the Eyes of AFVOA

Dear Veterans,

The extract in line below is published in the Armed Forces Veteran Officers’ Association (AFVOA), Chennai, in its latest News Letter, by its Editorial Team.

There can be no difference of opinion about Gen Satbir Singh’s role as the founder & inspiration of the Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM ). Our compliments to the Editorial Team of AFVOA News Letter, for the excellent coverage.

At the same time the efforts of Col S Rajan from Bangalore in formalising the concept of IESM & along with Gen Satbir giving it a shape, is equally praise worthy. The leadership & credibility was/ is, provided by Lt Gen Raj Kadyan, as the Chairman.

Coming to the Communication aspect, it was Report My Signal, under Brig Kamboj which is doing a yeoman’s Service, right from its inception. As far as South is concerned, it is carried on by Brig VA Subramanyam.

A number of Members of AFVOA had extended moral support to IESM & have also joined the Movement as Life Members. The early ones are Lt Gen Sundara Rao, the Patron & Col A Krishnaswamy, one of the Founder Members of AFVOA. And, of course, Col N Viswanathan , the most dedicated Veteran we have seen. The President , Gen KS Chattaraman has become a Member last year.

Today, Tamilnadu is leading in the number of Members enrolled for IESM. The role of District Conveners like Lt Col Jai Ram, Cdr Vaidyanathan, Lt Col T Arunagiri, Lt Cdr Rajagopal, Lt Col N Padmanabiah, Col A Sundaram & many others in spreading the Movement all over Tamilnadu is remarkable.

At the HQ, IESM has a dedicted & stead fast Governing Body, comprising stalwarts like Maj Gen Renjen, Col Kirit Joshipura, Maj Gen A Jaini, Cdr Sharan Ahuja, Wg Cdr CK Sharma, Col RP Chaturvedi, Vice Adm Barain Ghose , Gp Capt Vinodh Gandhi, Brig Harwant Singh and a few others.

Now the ESM of India has a Movement & not merely an Associaton, to further their legitimate cause. We are grateful to AFVOA, Chennai, for its coverage & continued support.

Jai Hind !!

Veteran Raman

Extracts from AFVOA News Letter 2/10

On the 10th of April, 2008, at about the time the sun had set on the Western horizon off Gurgaon, Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM, a seventh generation, 28 NDA course officer sat at his computer to compose a mail. He was a vexed man at that time. For decades he had been watching our steady down gradation vis-à-vis the politicians and the civilian bureaucracy. He lamented in public and in private conversations at the silent apathetic manner in which we of the Armed Forces took such denigration.
But the immediate cause of Gen Satbir’s ire that evening was the raw deal the Armed Forces officers, men and veterans had been handed out in the 6th Central Pay Commission Report. To him enough was enough. He decided to raise his voice.
He wrote just four, small, rousing paragraphs. He sent his call to his small mailing list of not more than two dozens; and thereby started a movement – the IESM.
Rarely can one point out an instance in history where so few words have had such a monumental, earth shaking effect on its readers. Before the night was through almost all his recipients had acknowledged his effort, pledged support and had directed the mail to all their groups. By morning he had a100 members. Today, less than two years down the line there are 10,000 members in the IESM worldwide. Considering that only veterans are eligible for membership the speed of growth of the IESM can well be considered phenomenal. The cause, Gen Satbir’s personality, the dynamic nature of his call and lurking sense of grievance among the veterans can all be said to have contributed to this rapid growth of IESM.

(Editorial Team)

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