Sunday, March 14, 2010

Major's Plight...

Dear Veteran Anand,
I came across your mail in Report My Signal.
I can certainly feel your anguish about the peculiar situation created for Majors, consequent to certain realignments in rank/ service structuring. We empathize with the 'class' as such, and hope some positive outcome will emerge.
Having said this, may I take this opportunity to make following points.
OROP was selected as an initial objective (we have FOUR major demands including OROP) since it has the widest applicability. A 'band' that encompasses all ranks.
Aside from the four objectives, there were numerous ancillary issues like ECHS, Canteens etc. These are being attended to by various IESM cells/ divisions. OROP therefore continues unaffected by these steps.
There have been other independent efforts by ESM, say in courts, viz 'Application of Dhanpalan vertict to ALL affected personnel', ' Maj Gen's case' and now the 'Major's case'. These are all complimntary and part of an overall 'movement' of 'rising awareness, not to take things lying down' which is THE philosophy with which IESM was formed. To that extent, we are all headed the same way. If this can be synergized with OR assisted by IESM, it would be desirable to indicate in what manner you see this being done.
Just one input. You mentioned about the 'OR enclosure'. IESM has none, in any of its rallies, confabulations etc. While your anguish is clearly understood, I thought I need to offer this input.

From: C N Anand
Sent: 08 March 2010 07:12
To: avtar singh

Dear all,

If the OROP comes through, it will not benefit the Majors. The Majors will be left out in the cold. This special minority will have to look after itself to avoid being drowned out. It doesn't look as though any of the retired/veterans associations have bothered to high light the case of the Majors. What ever little has been done has been done by individuals.

For the major's feeble voices to be heard, they will have to organize themselves separately and come out with a collective roar. A SEPARATE medal deposition scheme is called for.

In future when veterans are invited for an official function, the Majors should sit in the ORs enclosure, as their pension will be less than that of JCOs. In Babudom, status is determined by pay.

All retired Supreme Commanders and Secretaries enjoy OROP. ORs have been promised OROP. However, officers have been left out, and Majors have been made to feel like condoms. Can some one explain the method behind this?



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