Tuesday, March 16, 2010

IANS and its “one-rank-one-pension” report of 15-3-2010

Our Mainstream English language Media which can report full details of crickey-hickey matches ending at midnight in the next morning editions in full detail with porny pictures spread over pages, cannot be bothered to report news which highlight the Treasonous, Nation-destroying activities of The Un Prinicpled Alliance led by Aliens in Delhi, either accurately, or in detail.

Thus the IANS reports laconically that “Around 1000 retired defence personnel on Sunday staged a protest here (Dilli) demanding equal pension for each rank.” Actually over 2000 Ex-Servicemen from all over India attended with their families, and over 6000 petitions signed in blood were handed over to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan “staff”.

The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to wit the First Female President of India, did not have the decency or even common courtesy to receive the 5000 Medals deposited by the aggrieved soldiers, so the team decided not to hand over the medals to her MENIALS of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, and brought them back.

And need we add that the Prime Dummy Minister and his Italian Handler and a host of Dilli Cabinet Extras were busy sucking up to the Dravidian Papa Doc at Chennai. Maa chodhaai Hindusthan.

A similar rally was held in Bangaluru also where 150 veterans signed in blood and handed over their medals.

This is not the first time that such an Event is taking place in Dilli either.

The bastards who are siphoning off Indian money for themselves - and for arming and enthusing Jihadis and Crusaders in India and abroad - cannot be expected to understand the anguish of the soldiers. They and their families can rot for all these criminals care. Like the families of Security guards who gave up their lives to defend them are begging in the streets, while Afzal Gurus, Kasabs and other traitors enjoy chicken briyani and demand khusboo in our jails, waiting to be repatriated with full honours - like Sunjoo Boba.

Helicopters will be purchased, the most expensive in the world at that, for these VIP Traitors without any hassles, but mid-air fuellers, submarines and guns will be given the Red Tape Run Around – and finally worthless equipment will be “purchased” from our presently fashionable Mai-Baapland at “Negotiated Price”. Chances are high that these “arms” will be Pakistan Army Surplus made in USA.

Chances of re-colonising and another round of Ethnic Cleansing are even higher.

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  1. Most idiotic terms and socking words used that is not expected from the disciplined core of the defence services. I sincerely condemn the Web site for publishing the article. Even if it has come from a frustrated soldier, it should have been screened by the administrator of the web site or the IESM. It sincerely injures people like me who sincerely served for IESM. Ofcourse the article published in the web site makes me to re think about IESM. I am afraid that it should not lead to the dusk of IESM.
    Ex-Warrant Officer,
    Member, Pension Cell.

  2. It is unfortunate that the comments are being suppressed. Please be brave to publish the comments.

    Best Regards,
    President, Ex-Servicemen League, Karaikudi,
    Secretary, Ex Servicemen League Trust , Karaikudi.,
    Dy.Gen. Secretary, Federation of Indian Ex-Servicemen Associations, Tamilnadu.