Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Politics at Lowest by Lt Gen SK Bahri

From: Satish Kumar Bahri skbahri1@yahoo.com
Subject: Commemoration Of Kargil Day
To: "Indian Express." editpage@expressindia.com , "The Week" editor@the-week.com , "Times Of India" mytimesmyvoice@timesgroup.com , "India Today" letters.editor@intoday.com
Date: Sunday, 19 July, 2009, 1:32 PM
May I request ALL OF YOU Editors to publish
this letter in honour of the Kargil Martyrs

Dear Sir,
It is politics of the lowest lowest kind. Mr Rashid Alvi, Congress stated that there was no need to commemorate India's victory in Kargil on 26 Jul 09 as it was an intelligence failure of the BJP Govt which resulted in the battle. Mr Alvi needs to remember that every war can be traced to a failure of intelligence or govt policy. The UK govt under Mr Chamberlain in the late 1930's was responsible for the start of World War II, due to its weak kneed policy of condoning of Hitler's annexation of smaller European countries. But it does not stop the successive govts in UK from celebrating the sacrifices of its soldiers, be it through the annual commemoration of Normandy Landings or VE Day.

Soldiers do not think who is running the country's govt when going to battle. Their only concern is to destroy the intruder in our homeland.. For heaven's sake keep the simple soldier out of your competitive politics. Imagine a country not celebrating its greatest miltary victory in East Pakistan in 1971, because it will annoy Pakistan! The WW II Allies have still not stopped celebrating their victory over Germany, despite the fact that they are friends now.
Come on Congress Party keep us soldiers out of your petty politics and give a public rap to Rashid Alvi.

Lt Gen SK Bahri (Retd)

E 403 Som Vihar Apts,
RK Puram
New Delhi 110022 - India

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