Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Amazing, Outstanding Work Accomplished by WO Bala

From: Kameshwar Pandey pandeykameshwar@gmail.com
To: raj kadyan rajkadyan@yahoo.com
Cc: satbirsm@yahoo.com; REPORT MY SIGNAL (CS Kamboj) kamboj_cs@yahoo.co.in ; prbalathilakan@gmail.com ; Sukhamay Biswas sukhamay2000@yahoo.com

Sent: Mon, 26 October, 2009 8:08:20 PM
Subject: Amazing, Outstanding Work Accomplished by WO Bala

Dear Sir,

It is with immense joy that I write to you regarding the outstanding work accomplished by WO Bala regarding the MEDIA COVERAGE for yesterday's Medal Deposition campaign.

WO Bala carried out tremendous groundwork by repeatedly communicating and liaising with the South Indian media persons ensuring coverage for our event in those regions.

Reports from ESM from the southern parts of the country have come saying that the event was given ample media coverage. Certain news channels, including but not limited to, Sun TV, Surya TV, AsiaNet, have been carrying this news for two days in a row! Some newspapers have also carried the same news.

We must all congratulate WO Bala on this achievement.
(Heartiest congratulations Bala. Keep up the good work – Chander Kamboj)

Also, I strongly recommend his name as our Media Manager based on his outstanding media coverage lining up capabilities. I am certain that he can handle the northern parts of the country as deftly as he handles the southern parts right now.

Once again congratulations to WO Bala.

Thank you.

Yours truly,
Kameshwar Pandey
Sub/Maj Hony. Lt. (Veteran)

230, Pocket-1, DDA SFS Flats, Sector-1, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110 075
Cell : +91-9811059825 , Home: +91-11-3296 6701
email: pandeykameshwar@gmail.com
From: R.M. VOHRA vohra.rm@gmail.com
To: kamboj_cs@yahoo.co.in
Sent: Mon, 26 October, 2009 7:06:03 PM


Lt. Gen. R.M. Vohra,PVSM,MVC (Retd.)
(Former Army Commander)
B-041, Trinity Towers
DLF City Phase V
GURGAON - 122002(Haryana)
From: Shashank Bendre bendresr@gmail.com
To: kamboj_cs@yahoo.co.in
Sent: Tue, 27 October, 2009 10:21:21 AM
Subject: Illness-Maj.Gupta
We wish a speedy and complete recovery for Maj. Gupta from his illness. Please convey our support to his family in this trying period for them.

Shashank Bendre
Wg.Cdr. (Retd)
From: Brij Mohan Thapa col_thapa_engrs@hotmail.com
To: aaa Brig C S Kamboj kamboj_cs@yahoo.co.in
Sent: Tue, 27 October, 2009 9:03:49 AM
Subject: An Excellent Timely Medical Cover Rendered To Maj S C Gupta By IESM Team To Save his life
Dear All,
IESM family has always rendered wonderful services to all for last one year in all welfare fields and still doing an excellent work for the welfare of defence services & ESM.
It is an excellent timely action taken by IESM team ie Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Gp Capt V K Gandhi and others for saving life of Maj S C Gupta .
It is worth remembering the valuable message of Brig C S Kamboj “ Let us all stand shoulder to shoulder and support the activities of IESM whole heartedly because success of IESM is in the interest of all IESM of India. United we win and divided we loose,”
We should ensure to fly the flag of IESM always higher and higher and indeed it is worth while being the member of IESM family. ONE SHOULD VALUE EACH OTHERS LIFE AS TRUE SOLDIER.
Praying for early recovery of Maj S C Gupta’s health.
(Lt Col BM Thapa, Secy General ESL, Dehra Dun, currently visiting his children in Singapore)
From: ss jaswal jaswal972@yahoo.co.in
Cc: VSM VeteranBrig CS Kamboj kamboj_cs@yahoo.co.in TRUNCATED
Sent: Tue, 27 October, 2009 1:49:53 PM
Subject: FW: ESM SITREP 25 OCT 09 - REPORT MY SIGNAL - EMAIL 732/2009 - 25 OCT 09 (H to Z)

Dear All,
Selfless service by IESM Veterans - remniscent of the famous NDA motto " Service Before Self ". Timely help during the ` Golden Hour ` has saved the precious life of Maj DC Gupta who volunteered to travel to Delhi to deposit medals to the President for the sake of welfare of ESM.We salute him & wish him a speedy recovery.


Brig SS Jaswal, Veteran,
IESM, Panchkula.

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