Thursday, October 8, 2009

Views of Kameshwar Pandey Sub Maj Hony Lt (Veteran)

Dear and Respected Veterans and Colleagues,

A mission, any mission, be it the freedom struggle, struggle for justice, equality or any worthwhile cause, is a success or a failure depending upon the strength and unity of those who are fighting together. A mission is successful if constructive inputs are given from all corners within the framework of the team. A mission is a failure if negative, destructive comments are made by the team members. A mission or a group or a team can withstand mighty jolts and ambush from the outside if it is strong. At the same time, the mission will be blown away if there is even a slight weakness from within.

Positive and critical criticism is essential for success. I understand that. Feedback, changes and a democratic setup to answer all suggestions/ inquiries/ grievances/ doubts are all a essential ingredients of an organizational setup for accomplishing its goals.

That said, do we not think that there is a time, a place and a way to do this? Or do we believe in sticking our fingers out and pointing it right to the person 'we' think is irresponsible?

My urge to you is this: Please consider this simple thought before sending any email: "Is my email/ article going to strengthen our cause?" Millions of ESM are counting on IESM and its members to bring a smile to their faces and hope in their lives. We cannot afford to let them down. Because if we do, we will never be able to face ourselves in the mirror again. I can still clearly remember the ESM who used to come to Jantar Manter and at the various rallies we had all over India with their problems and challenges and most importantly with hope in their eyes that IESM will help them live a life of dignity and honor.

Can we let those men and women down? Can we really? I urge the entire "net-savvy" ESM community to get together once again and make the necessary changes to IESM but in a dignified, respectable and democratic way. Let us work towards unity.
Thank you.
Yours truly,
Kameshwar Pandey
Sub Maj Hony Lt (Veteran)

ESM have common a thread that outweighs all other distractions
Initially we thought our IES Movement could do it all but soon realized we were limited based on our available time, energy and the simple fact that we are a group made up of volunteers.

We ESM have one common thread that will outweigh all others and that is, our desire to help veterans. Helping veterans also means educating the public about the detrimental affects of Pension Disparity, veteran’s health issues and governmental policies averse to Veteran welfare.

Like all ESM organizations a few members will have their disagreements/ fall-outs and will need to find the common thread that will hold them together. If they wish counseling there are many senior Generals like Vijay Oberoi to help but we can’t force it on them. Unity will come with finding that commonality in which they can all agree. It’s up to all of us.

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