Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Clarifications By Sub Maj Hony. Lt. (Retd.) Kameshwar Pandey

Dear Sirs and Colleagues,

I have received a forwarded mail form a senior veteran and thus would
like to clear my points of view. I have been quoted out of context which is rather misleading as the particular part which has been quoted seems to have an entirely
different meaning than what my original message meant.

I openly spoke on 30th Aug, 2009 at the AIVM and my talk/speech is posted on
reportmysignal.blogspot.com and iesm.org.There is no change and please also
see my latest email message "IESM: Winds of change and our reaction to it --
Good or bad? You decide..."

I gave my points to the chairman, vice chairman and gen secretory for
internal discussion and it is unethical to make it public. Within two days
those points were cleared by the vice chairman. Please read the original
message carefully (appended below this email).

Again, it is underscored that quoting a person or a statement out of
context can totally change/reverse the meaning and relevance of that
statement. I urge and request the ESM community to refrain from doing
so. Disputes and differences should be settled by
deliberations and discussions - not by blowing the issue out of
proportions by taking the matters public.

Thank you for your time.

Yours truly,




Respected My Dear friends

Today first of all I would like to share the points which I had previously
raised at the AIVM.

1. On Sept 01, I received calls from other states apart from NCR.
Following are the points along with my humble suggestions:

(a) *Issuing IESM Identity Cards for members* - If this is not possible due
to financial or logistical challenges some simple, cost effective option
should be used. This matter is of utmost importance and must be dealt with
urgently. Some members are becoming increasingly in-secured about their
membership status just because of the absence of the ID Cards.

(b) *Escalation of the Membership Drive and Deposition of Medals* - Sir, I
believe we have to select some capable and trustworthy JCOs and NCOs like
Capt Om Prakash, Sub Hari Singh, Capt Rathi, Hav P N Shrivastava, Sub
Upadhyay and the likes from all states throughout the country. One such list
is with Gen Satbir sir. They should be given enough money and power for the
purpose of escalating the membership drive and reaching out to the remote
areas of the country where ESM are living in anonymity. Our representatives
will then make their own independent teams to support the mission in their
local areas. Also, if we have to get results we should have some
volunteers working full time on the grassroots level. No doubt this may
involve some expenses but the mission will be much much more effective if
such a step is executed. Details can be worked out in our next core group
meeting if you find appropriate.

(c) *The point of Gen Sec*, *IESM* - Although its definitely personal
opinion (and ego?) of the officers concerned. In principle I should not
comment on this but because it is affecting the IESM unity and because this
point was raised in the meeting also I must give you some feedback. On 29th
Oct Col Bhardwaj called all his contacts and had meetings and is continuing
this to convince people regarding his point of view. The point was
discussed. The JCOs were of the opinion that this should be sorted out
within the officers and Col Bhardwaj should not be disassociate from the
organization. He is a founder member and a valuable asset to the
organization. Sir, I believe you must handle this issue with your own
personal intervention.

(d) * The arrangement*: The arrangement right from the reception to send
off as well as the arrangement for refreshments was exemplary. Everybody
appreciated the same. We all thank the respected organizers and feel proud
for such a successful meeting.

(e) *Many potential speakers not being allotted time. Some personal
mails and phonecalls were received as complain. *- May I suggest you sir to
kindly settle these grievances on daily SITREP.

(f) *JCOs/ORs Representation at Various IESM Committees* – Sir with respect,
I am at a loss to find the reasons for zero representation of JCOs and ORs
at the IESM meetings. It makes me wonder if total faith in JCOs and Ors has
been lost by our leadership. All ranks, officers JCOs and ORs worked
together in synchronization and harmony during our service years but
something seems to have gone wrong now. This point was also raised at the
All India Meet yesterday. I request you to kindly look into it.
MWO Bala and I along with some JCOs were included in the core group earlier.
I was informed of the same by Maj Gen Satbir Singh and Col Bhardwaj. Its
announcement should be made public. Temporary appoints to other JCOs, NCOs
and ORs may also be given in various working committees if you deem that
fit. Selection should be done care fully. It will kill the many negative
points raised at the 30th Aug AIVM.

*Points for this meeting:*

(a) We all are working for the welfare of ESM. I will support all efforts
taken for the unity and betterment of IESM.

(b) Col Bhardwaj , Maj Jhaker and all unhappy members are also the founder
members of IESM. May I request them to put aside any personal fight and ego.
We should discuss issues in a democratic way with respect for the other
members and must always remember that these discussions are ultimately aimed
at improving IESM.

2. I hope you all will consider my points as positive approach towards unity
and better working environment at IESM.

Thank you sir,

With warm regards,

Kameshwar Pandey
Sub Maj Hony. Lt. (Retd.)



Kameshwar Pandey
Sub/Maj Hony. Lt. (Veteran)

230, Pocket-1,
DDA SFS Flats, Sector-1,
Dwarka, New Delhi - 110 075

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