Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Complaint against RMS by Lt col SS Sohi..Right/Wrong..??

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
An email from Lt Col SS Sohi, complaining against “Report My Signal” is reproduced below.

It is once again clarified that “Report My Signal” belongs to YOU ALL; it belongs to all ESM, of All Ranks of All Three Services and ESM organisation of Indian Armed Forces, spread all over the world.

It does not belong to “IESM” only.
“IESM” DOES NOT CONTROL “Report My Signal”.
It is decision of “Report My Signal” to publish or not to publish an email received from IESM.
The emailing list of “Report My Signal” is independent of the fact whether an ESM is a member of IESM or not.

Currently, the following type of emails are circulated on “Report MY Signal” –

· Emails related to current All India Movement for Justice to Defence Services.
· Emails pertaining to ECHS and other welfare measures about the Indian ESM.
· Any other email considered suitable in the interest of ESM, including good articles of interest.
· Emails trying to help to unite the ESM and advising the misguided individuals.

The following type of emails are not circulated –

· Emails aiming to create a divide among the ESM.
· Emails carrying accusations against individual ESM or ESM organisations.
· Emails conveying Self-Glory, with high ‘I’ and ‘J’ factors

A Brief History of “Report My Signal”

"REPORT MY SIGNAL" was started simply as a collection of email IDs and email-network, of retired Signals officers, spread all over the word.

‘i’ started it in mid 90s, with just a few email IDs of retired Signals officers from Delhi and Chandigarh. Today we have over 600 retired Signals officers, JCOs, NCOs and ORs, spread all over the world. The number is growing.

These Signals officers, found the emails being sent to them very informative and useful for retired Defence Officers and other Defence personnel.

The Signals officers in turn started forwarding "REPORT MY SIGNAL" emails to other retired officers, including retired officers of Navy and Air Force. Requests then started coming in from many retired officers from all three Services to include their names in the direct emailing list. Now besides over 600 retired Signals officers, we have over 700 officers, JCOs, NCOs and ORs. from Army, Navy and Air Force, from all over the world, on the direct emailing list of "REPORT MY SIGNAL". (Between 20 Oct and 25 Oct alone, 67 requests have been received for including their email IDs)

The sources of information are all the members on the emailing list of "REPORT MY SIGNAL", of All Ranks and from all three Services.

‘i’ scrutinise the emails received and at my discretion, after some editing, forward the contents, to all on the emailing list.

Information pertaining to domestic matters of the Corps of Signals is forwarded to Signals Veterans only. Rest of the information is shared with all Veterans.

In addition to individual Veterans, we have many organisations of retired Defence officers on our emailing list. We would like this list also to grow further so that the retired Defence personnel become a 'FORCE TO RECKON'. All these organisations have further large number of members on their own forward emailing lists. Therefore, the distribution of “Report My Signal” emails is increasing exponentially.

While the initial email of “Report My Signal” is addressed to around 1400 (plus) members, in next 24 hours or so, it reaches another 14,000 or more veterans (a rough estimate).


Is it fair for Lt Col SS Sohi and his supporters, who are trying to create a divide among the ESM of India, to make accusations against “Report My Signal”?

Your judgement be kindly conveyed to Lt Col SS Sohi on his email ID –


Thank you Friends.

We all need to stand shoulder to shoulder and ruthlessly eliminate the divisive forces among the ESM.
They must be made to realise that for their personal gains how serious a damage they are causing to the All India ESM movement for


In Service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

From: ss sohi [mailto:sadhusohi@gmail.com]

Sent: 27 October 2009 10:41
To: Kamboj Chander
Cc: colcharanjit1403; iaf_jagdip; baldev dhillon; Lt Col Inderjit singh gill; Rakesh Prasad Chaturvedi; Vinod Gandhi


Dear Friends/ Sirs,
1. Report my signal is being misused by IESM HQ for their publicty only and shoot down IESM Pb. They always publish one sided stories, like of Col Viru Swarup & others (Hav so & so....). Its not misuse only but collective & Org cheating as well.

2. Even media people have norms, rules & code of conduct, to seek views of both sides/ parties. They have no guts to convey their hollow views but always fire shots through bogy/ others. They have no moral right to continue like this & must be brought under check.

3. Col Viru does not know Mohali Bde (credentials/ achievements) & passing his views/ preachings as one of the elder & wise person, which we appre. Every possible advise & method have been used to accuse us/ throw out and not to keep unity & harmony. We take collective decisions as Gp & not Indls. Which IESM HQ under estimated us grossely, hence we all are at no return pt just because of one man show.

4.There are lot of basic differences, like NDA & UPA cannot be same. Their aim was to collect money & sit on it and not the ESM welfare being new.

5. Medals depositing action is sp at this stage by Gen Satbir & Co and not by any body else in the whole country. All NCR & other places NGOs opposed it. Your idea col Viru sir, is sp Gen Satbir & nothing else. Many segments of society are adversly commenting on it, we are in touch with many & with Delhi too. My time is also as valuable as of Brig Kamboj, in handling unwanted Emails. Hope, you will kindly understand it. We will seek your advise if time comes, please.
Regards. Col Sohi. 9815107744.

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