Friday, October 30, 2009

Mail from Lt Gen SK Bahri (retd)

From: Satish Kumar Bahri

Sent: Fri, 30 October, 2009 4:57:11 PM

Subject: Joint Letter to The PM

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have received numerous mails from you all appreciating the joint effort put in by all the signatory ESM Orgs in drafting the letter ( it was not a single person's effort!) and importantly,being willing to sign it. I regret to say that even though I tried my best to get the Air Force Assn on board with personal calls, mails & SMS's, there was no response. I would like to place on record Brig Gulia's help, despite our differences on many occasions, as he played a major part in this joint effort. It was his initiative to call all orgs for a meeting to discuss the Cab Secs report on 6 Aug 09. It was IESL which provided staff support for printing the letters, repeatedly till we got it right.Some suggestions have come to tweak the letter further. Regret they can only be incl in the next letter, if any.

I can also report that the letter has reached the COAS and it has been passed down for action.Thanks to Air Cmde Chandershekhar, who was here from Bangalore, we have got a copy of the letter delivered to the RM by hand. Interestingly it had not been put up him over the last15 days. We are also exploring ways to see that a copy reaches the PM,Leader of the Opposition and other MPs.

After lapse of say 5 weeks we will go to the press.

Ways of financing the ads are being considered.

Lt Gen SK Bahri (Retd) (1st JSW Course)
E 403 Som Vihar Apts, RK Puram
New Delhi 110022 - India

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  1. Dear Veteran (Gen.) Bahri,
    Regards and thanks for the pain taken to draw the attention of the authorities towards the travails of the Veterans, specially Pre-2006. Sir, if you are net-savy, you must have noted the feelings of informed veterans among the under- privileged section ( Sub.Maj. and below).I shall not use the misfit term 'PBOR' coined by some mischief monger ( to be used for all ranks- Sub. Maj. and below ) who knew not that Sub. Majors, Subedars and Naib Subedars are, all, Junior Commissioned officers, where as Havildars and Naiks are Senior Non-commissioned Officers and it is not justified to address them as 'PBORs' i.e. Personnel Below Officer Rank.Through you, I shall, humbly, request all not to use the term 'PBORs'. We have already requested Centre Govt. to find out some other suitable and respectable word to replace this sluggish term. About the Joint Memorandum, I have the following two points to draw your attention.

    1. The authors of Joint Memorandum dt. 14-10- 2009, of which you are the Convener, submitted to Hon'ble Prime Minister and others have forgotten to stress upon point of pension @70 % and 60 % for Sub. Maj. and below, which the Govt. has accepted along with Change of Pay Band from PB-3 to PB-4 for Lt Col. It may be due the fact that enough energy was consumed on stressing the demand of Lt. Col. and the authors were now much tired and thought it better to keep quite on this point in a bid to utilize their energy for other points relating to offr. cadre. 2. Secondly, Sub. Major and their equivalents in other two services, presently in Pay Band, PB-2 justifiably deserve to be placed in pay Band PB-3 and Hav. and their equivalents, presently in Pay Band , PB-1 along with Class IV employees to be placed in Pay Band,PB-2 as their civilian counter-parts drawing same, or even less, pay in 5th CPC have been placed in upper Pay Bands.

    Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd. President,
    Indian Ex-Services League,Punjab & Chadigarh Mob.098554-09128,Tele-Fax.0175-5000896.