Monday, November 2, 2009

View by Gp Capt VK Vidyadhar

Cc: "'Air Force India Group'"
Date: Sunday, 1 November, 2009, 5:15 AM

It’s a shame and pity that the Air Force Association has declined to be a signatory to this very important and telling letter by various ESM organizations of the army and navy. The air force seem to be operating on a different frequency.

Barring a few, most other senior air force veterans seem quite unconcerned and indifferent to “the rank discrimination and humiliation heaped” on the armed forced “over the last 60 years”

During the protest demonstrations organized by the IESM in Delhi last year not a single senior air force veteran participated though there must be several hundreds of them settled in and around Delhi. During the height of the protest demonstrations in Bangalore last year, members of the Air Force India (Yahoo) Group seemed quite happy discussing inane topics like “landing on the wrong runway”.

So, I am not at all surprised that the Air Force Association has declined to be a signatory to this letter. I am sending a copy of this message to the Air Force India Group but I am quite confident my message will be censored and won’t appear.

Laudable efforts are being made to get more veterans to join the IESM. In a democracy, strength, no doubt, lies in numbers. The total number of ex Chiefs of the three services presently living will be less than 100. If we can get THEM to join the IESM, it will carry more weight than the many lakhs of veterans of lower ranks.


Gp Capt VK Vidyadhar

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