Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Request from Brig Kartar Singh President IESL Rajasthan

From: Brig. Kartar Singh [mailto:ninerkartar24@rediffmail.com]
Sent: 11 November 2009 10:13
To: kiritjoshipura999@hotmail.com
Cc: rajkadyan@hotmail.com; Kamboj Chander
Subject: Re: FW: [indianveterans] Message From IESM

Dear Sir,

I have been reading your mails for bast six months. I am president of Rajasthan IESL and i have made request(five times) to all those who are email savy as under:- "Let us all resolve that we donot write anything on email which is derogatory in letter or spirit to anyone in any organization. We are playing different instruments and signing the same tune called welfare of ESM. I am sure this request of mine comes from bottom corner of my heart and with your blog it will find place so that it can be read by all. May I request you to please send it on your blog report my signals for the good of all the organizations. In a democracy we can have as many organizations as we can sustain with dignity, pride and honour. Let us not cut into each others path. I am sure good sense will prevail once it is read by all."

Sincerely Yours,
Brig Kartar Singh
President RSEL

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