Monday, November 2, 2009

IESM: Perseverance- The success formula for OROP by Lt Col James Kanagaraj

It is necessary that we Ex- Servicemen reduce our rhetoric and silence those who so far are attempting disunion within us- by overwhelming their influence; and who at the same time have acted as if they had all the Veterans in their pockets.

Do not be deterred from your intentions by the fact that this or that majority resolution does not suit you. Such resolutions may be altered in the course of time. But the disgrace of separating here without accomplishing any results can never be blotted out; should such happen it would be equal to a crime against our cause which is the cause of the whole ESM Community. But the form can be found in which minor differences of opinion can be resolved in harmony, which the striving for a higher universally acknowledged ideal, common to us all- our legitimate demands.

Now friends, our sense of duty must be stronger than our self- will; our love for the cause must make us forget personal injustices we may have suffered; our entire thinking, feeling, and wishing must be consumed by enthusiasm for the work of rescue which we have to perform in common with with the aim of righting the injustices inflicted on ESM, be it Pension Parity or any other in the interests of our ESM brotherhood.

But perhaps one or other among you may say: “These are but words, phrases which cannot stand before the real facts as they exist.” In answer we need only point to the rich experiences in life that nothing comes without hard work to fight injustices- "No pain no gain". The proof is that what has been achieved till now is because of our perseverance. We must march ahead without looking back!

Lt Col James Kanagaraj (Retd)
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  1. Dear Respected General and all our respectes
    Post Joint Letters whatever written by respected Veteran PJS Chatwal ji and Respected Veteran Gavini ji is absolutely true and to the point. This is the correct time for our big brothers to regain our faith in them. Money is not everything comparing with the faith of our dedicated Mens.

    Thanks and sincere request to give an inner thought on lacs of Mens faith

    Balbir Singh