Tuesday, November 10, 2009

IESM Article by Gp Capt VK Gandhi

From: Vinod Gandhi vk_gandhi@yahoo.com


Sent: Sat, 7 November, 2009 1:42:45 PM

Dear Veterans

Of late, few veterans have been indulging in vilification campaign against IESM. They are indulging in this vilification campaign to serve their narrow interest. They are inflicting immense damage to the clean image of ex-servicemen. It is evident from their mails that they are either not aware of the work done by IESM and its decision making procedures or intentionally indulging into vilification campaign with a specific design in their mind. In order to remove the doubts being created by these misguided Veterans about IESM, the following is submitted for information of all ESM: -
1. IESM is fully committed to the welfare of ex-servicemen and will continue to do so against all odds.

2. IESM has been successful in bringing the demand of OROP to the centre stage of the Government and will continue to pursue the case till Government approves the OROP for all ex-servicemen.

3. IESM does not support any particular political outfit and will support only those who will help IESM in getting OROP for all ex-servicemen.

4. AGM for the IESM is being planned in mid December 09.

5. IESM accounts have been audited by the CA and the balance sheet is ready. The balance sheet will be put up to AGM for approval. The approved balance sheet will be released for all to study and will be uploaded to IESM website.

6. Income tax return for the year 2008-09 has been filed.

7. IESM has a system of internal audit at regular intervals and all expenditure is vetted by steering committee.

8. IESM has received income tax exemption for the donations under section 80G of income tax. As per this clause, 50% of all donations are exempt from income tax; required receipts for claiming the IT relief is being issued to donors.

9. Steering Committee of the IESM takes decisions unanimously and in case of any differences, the issue is resolved peacefully and democratically by vote.

10. Core Group of IESM is a larger body. All State conveners and many JCOs, NCOs or ORs are member of core group. Core group meeting is held every quarter where JCOs and other ranks take active part in deliberations.

11. As per MOA of the IESM, the present team of office bearers has been elected for a period of two years. On completion of two years in Dec 2010, a new team of office bearers will be elected.

12. IESM is committed to peaceful demonstrations and will never support any disruptive kind of protest.

13. IESM has started three divisions to look after the interest of ex-servicemen. These are –

Pension division to help ex-servicemen to sort out their pension related problems.

ECHS division to improve the working of ECHS with a long term perspective that benefit of ECHS facility is available to all ex-servicemen even in remotest corners of India.

CSD division to help spread its reach and benefits even to ex-servicemen residing in villages by opening CSD counters or providing mobile counter facility.

IESM is also taking up other important demands like –

Job guarantee till 60 yrs of age for all ex-servicemen.

Assured alternate career on retirement such as parallel absorption in other organisations on release from service.

Ex-servicemen commission for welfare of all ex-servicemen to be manned by only ex-servicemen.

Inclusion of ex-servicemen in the committees set up to
consider issues pertaining to ex-servicemen.

Anomalies related to disability pension.
15. Other important issues affecting the welfare of ESM are also under planning and will also be looked into when necessary.
IESM requests ex-servicemen not to get misled by the vilification campaign by a few misguided and self-centered veterans.
For the success of the Mission – Justice for Defence Services, ALL ESM of THREE Services and All ESM organisations must stand shoulder to shoulder.
All ESM Organisations are doing their utmost for the benefit of ESM but, care has to be taken that the actions by ESM organisations are synergetic and complement each other.
Public criticism of any ESM organisation or any individual ESM must be avoided.
There are always ways and means of resolving differences in a peaceful and democratic manner.
IESM wishes all ex-servicemen organisations a grand success in pursuing their charter for the welfare of ex-servicemen.

Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25, NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01202519440, Mobile 09810541222

Pls see IESM latest NEWS on http://www.iesm. org


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  1. Respected Capt Gandhi

    There is no doubt that IESM is raising voice for the welfare of the Exservicemen since last one year.
    The Govt has intended to rectify some anomolies of last pay commission/implent the HC orders and the same was annouced at the various forums.

    Its has been 5-6 months passed since the COS report has been approved by the Govt but there is no formal order/notification.

    Can any body advise on this matter, what's going on.

    Hope you will be in a better position to disseminate the right information through your site.

    Best regards

    Balbir Singh