Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Views by Brig Shri Krishan

From: BrigShri Krishan [mailto:brigshrikrishan@rediffmail.com]

Sent: 07 November 2009 13:11
To: kamboj_cs@yahoo.co.in
Subject: Publicity /Ad : ORP

i have have suggestion.

A no of def oriented seminars are held in capital and in other metros.
Generally these are inaugurated by def minister /RRM and bubu's from MOD also accompany.The attendance is large and the forum is fairy influential.A large no of veterans,who are either employ of companies or as invitees also attend.Indirect questions on ORP should be raised in seminars.Also when the entourage goes around the stalls/at tea,the entire media hovers around and they ask all sorts of questions,published as " on side lines of........ " That is the time a sponsored question by media pers or even direct by retired offices can be asked.Chances of it getting coverage are there.
Just for consideration.
With warm regards
(Brig Shri Krishan, Gurgaon

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