Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Help to IESM by Veteran Sharad Paranjape from USA

Sent: Mon, 16 November, 2009 12:43:47 AM
Subject: Voluntary help

Dear Gp Capt Gandhi:

I have read the email of Gen Kadyan regarding voluntary help. I hereby renew my offer of voluntary help which I made to Maj Gen P Renjen some months ago.

I am sitting in U.S.A. but I am an exceptionally fast typist, well conversant with MS WORD and EXCEL, and in addition I have a reasonably good handwriting. I can undertake any clerical, typing, data entry or accounting work for IESM.

I will gladly bear any couriering expenses of documents to me or back from me to you, if they cannot be emailed.

I will call you on telephone at my expense in case you wish to discuss anything with me on phone at any time. In case you should ever have the necessity to call me I shall bear those expenses also.

This sincere offer is coming from an IESM member who has already donated more than Rs. 5700 in the past and does not mind spending time, effort and additional money in furtherance of IESM's cause.


Sharad & Nandini Paranjape
372 Central Park West #19Y
New York NY 10025, U.S.A.
Phone: 212-316-6575

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