Thursday, November 12, 2009

Views of Brig SS Jaswal on Medals Return

From: ss jaswal
To: Lt Gen Raj Kadyan
Cc: VSM VeteranBrig CS Kamboj
Sent: Thu, 12 November, 2009 4:27:10 PM
Subject: Re: ESM SITREP 08 NOV 09 - "REPORT MY SIGNAL" - EMAIL 759/2009 - 08 NOV 09 (H to Z)

Dear Gen Kadyan,
To expect all/most ESM orgs in the country to come under one banner is the
`Height of Naivety`. Moreso, since many of them are affiliated to various political parties & their ESM orgs have their own `axe to grind`. We cannot & should not grudge them their `agenda` which they might be aspiring for, in the garb of ESM welfare. This is not to belittle some of the good/selfless work done by some orgs/indls for ESM.
Turbulence was expected ever since the IESM was formed because that woke up the `sleeping giant` IESL(in terms of numbers only), probably after a nugde from the `netas/babus` prior to the Lok Sabha elections. The IESL`s negative role towards OROP was expected being a Govt controlled org, though there have been some sincere efforts by some IESL members espousing the cause of ESM. This is evident from the corresp between the IESL President & Lt Gen SK Bahri. What is
surprising is the perceived non-involvement of most IESL `Top Brass`(ex Chiefs/
Army Cdrs/Lt Gens/Equivalents in IN/AF). How come their voices/views(if they have any) are not publicised/posted on the net or have they left it to the IESL President to conduct its business the way he likes. Why are they shirking to head the IESL as you have done so honourably to head the IESM.
Though the issue of OROP has been going on for the last 25 years, it is common
knowledge that it was the IESM which brought it to the centre stage by its peaceful agenda at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi and depositing of hard earned medals with the President. This obviously had the desired effect on the Nation, otherwise why did the IESL & some stooge orgs issue a `fatwa` against it so late(again it seems at the instance of the `netas/babus`.
Disability Pension - Even on an important issue of equitable disability pension the Govt is not bothered/procrastinating and has left the disabled soldiers to fight their `battles` in Courts(all at the cost of ESMs pension). Even after the Courts have ruled in favour of the disabled soldiers, frivolous SLPs/counter petitions are filed by the Govt just to delay the issue. Are the PM/RM/FM blind to these glaring anomalies or are they content with the delaying tactics of the `babus` to antagonise the ESM. What an ungrateful Congress Govt that sits on the sacrifices/lives/blood/sweat/toil of the soldiers. A lot was expected from the PM & RM - alas they have failed the Armed Forces. Even a war-disabled ex-VCOAS wrote to the RM but no response. Compare this with what the IIT Alumini achieved in a short time. The PM/RM/FM should be ashamed of themselves. Look how other nations treat their veterans/soldiers. The attitude of the Govt should be exposed nationally/internationally on the internet. Don`t expect much from the media, as they too have their compulsions. Expose the `babus` as the biggest culprits. Take the help of like-minded civil indls/orgs.
26/11 & Vijay Diwas - The disaster of 26/11 hit a chord with the people of Mumbai. They were all for the Armed Forces & the NSG(read Army). The first anniversary should be utilised effectively to convey our Agenda/Grievances & expose the misgivings of the `netas/babus` with specific ref to the Cabinet Secy`s
Anomalies report & the lies therein. Vijay Diwas should again be utilised to promote our causes The return of medals should be done with greater vigour & on a grander scale with the entire Indian/foreign media incl BBC/CNN/Chinese/Pak/Japanese/German/French/etc. Let them see how the " finest soldiers in the world" are treated by the Govt of India. In fact foreign countries give more honour to Indian soldiers. France honoured the Indian Armed Forces by inviting them to lead their ID parade. The planning for 26/11 & Vijay Diwas should
start imdt as there is very little time. Set targets for the State/Distt coordinators to collect ESM/medals.
Role of ex-Chiefs/Army Cdrs/Lt Gens/Equivalents - They should seek an audience collectively with the PM & RM and give a memorandum on the lines of
Lt Gen Harwant Singh`s letter in full media glare. Indl letters by them to PM/RM have had no effect. These senior Veterans have nothing to lose. In fact, they owe it to their subordinates who were mainly responsible for what they achieved. If reqd even MPs/MLAs should be coopted. The Armed Forces cannot be taken for a ride by `babus`. Look what the ex-CNS achieved, that too while in the Chair. He was true to the cause of soldiers. The other serving seniors need to take a cue from him.
It is now or never - otherwise the Courts will remain the last option. They are generally positive to ESM complaints regarding pay & allowances. I have already got a reprieve from the Punjab & Haryana High Court in my favour regarding bunching of my disability pension.



Best regards,
Brig SS Jaswal, Veteran,
IESM, Panchkula.

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