Thursday, November 5, 2009

IESM: Thoughts put into action is better than just day dreaming! by Col RP Chaturvedi

Sentiments about 'neglect' of servicemen are common discussion points in service circles- messes, bars and social gatherings. We all hope, and PRAY that the Indian National Milieu will some day behave more empathetical with the Defence set up. They would... but for the sibling rivalry ridden 'babus' we feel. Correct? Yes, perhaps. But only just.

Question: Why are MOST of us only content to TALK about it? Why don't we step forward ourselves to contribute our effort to improve matters?

1. In trying to improve ECHS services, we had requested volunteers to operate as Regional Liaison Cell members and Polyclinic Liaison Cell members. We got volunteers to man (only one or two each ) JUST 7 Regional Liaison Cells. 227 Poly clinics need manning. Just a handful have received attention! Where are the rest? BUSY?

2. Membership of the IESM can do with improvement. Lots of praise about the good work being done is received. So if you like the good work, why not JOIN and refer people to JOIN. When we like food in a restaurant, we refer our friends to that, don't we?

3. We all crib about the 'lack of knowledge of matters military' amongst the citizenry. How about doing something about it? Do you connect well with kids? (Most Grand fathers do). Can you identify schools that would allow you to talk to kids and talk about the '' Making of a Soldier- How does he do the seemingly impossible?' OR ' Positive Attitude as a Battle winning factor - in War and in Life'? Or such like. Remember, Positive strokes only . There is ample negativity going around in media anyway. AND I AM referring to Pan India. NCR is Not India. Sounds familiar? Yes, there are many more states/ parts of this great country.

4. Appreciate IESM work? Can you influence corporate to assist our aims of awareness through CSR activities? Sports matches, marathons, golf tournaments etc to commemorate military history milestones like Kargil Divas 26 July, or Vijay Divas 16 Dec?

5. Fund Raising? Now that we have 80G applicable?

6. A concluding question, if your answer to ANY ONE question above is YES.

Question. What are you waiting for? If the answer to my last question is that you are too busy (with grand children, work, earning money, sickness, family commitments etc), please be informed that the 'indifferent citizenry' is ALSO busy with the same. So let us respect that too.

With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,
Member IESM Steering Committee and ECHS Division Coordinator

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