Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Views by Col Sharad Paranjape

From: SHARAD PARANJAPE sharpara@gmail.com
To: REPORT MY SIGNAL (CS Kamboj) kamboj_cs@yahoo.co.in
Sent: Sat, 31 October, 2009 6:48:08 AM
Subject: For your consideration
Dear Chander:

Here is a thought for considration and action by all ESM.

Most of us ESMs are closer to our final resting place than to the date of commission. For most of us now may be the time to make wills or revise the wills made in the past. It is also true that many of us have well settled children who are not dependent on our estate to make their lives better after we are gone. Some of us may not even have any heirs.

Under the circumstances, it is for consideration of all the ESMs, if they can will a percentage of their cash assets to IESM after their death. Even half a per cent or less can amount to a tidy sum in many cases. If they are not able to include such a provision in writing in their will, they should at least verbally express such a desire to their sons/daughters now. It can reasonably be expected that many sons/daughters will willingly fulfil the wish of their father when they become beneficiaries of his estate.

After all, IESM has done so much for all the ESM and continues to work for them, so a gesture of leaving a small portion of their assets for IESM will neither hurt the veteran nor his dependents. The departing ESM will be able to leave this world with the satisfaction that he will be making a posthumous donation to the cause of IESM.

Col Sharad Paranjape.
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New York NY 10025, U.S.A.
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