Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tricity ex-servicemen decide against returning medals

Tricity ex-servicemen decide against returning medals

CHANDIGARH: Some organizations of retired defence personnel from the Tricity have decided that their members will not return their gallantry medals on October 25 in Delhi, which had been planned to push their one-rank- one-pension (OROP) demand. The organizations’ members said they had severed ties with Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM), which had called for this protest Lt Col (retd) SS Sohi, spokesperson of Indian Ex-Servicemen League (IESL) said the decision was taken after prime minister Manmohan Singh assured that he would take personal interest in resolving the OROP issue.

He also stated that PM had spoken against negative remarks by a committee of seven IAS officers regarding OROP last month and directed defence ministry to hold fresh meetings with ex-servicemen to deal with this demand. He stated that surrendering medals despite PM’s assurance would be against the spirit of democracy.

He added that IESM’s Lt Gen Satbir Singh, who gave the call for this protest, was hand in glove with opposition parties.


  1. yes it is absolutely correce it is of no use to return the medals.since our PM has shown his presonal interest and asuured in favour of OROPit will be unfair on our part to take this medals returning action

    ex sgt a a padmanabh

  2. The point of Col Sodhi may be valid for a defence person. Yet if go through the efforts taken by the iesm so far has not made any remarkable dent in the govt agencies. The iesl is a very old org which is only supporting the present day govts, whosoever may be in power, which was and is the spirit of the defence forces. It is saddening to note that in spite of the protests shown so far to sanction OROP no impact has been made in the govt circles, amonst politicians and media. There are a few cribs in the media and channels in the north but absolutely zero response in south in comparison with so many local problems.

    It is worth to study the problem once again by the iesm leaders in depth as the present style may need a change altogether.

    Sqn Ldr (Retd) Damodaran Nair