Monday, October 26, 2009

Views by Lt Col Inderjit Singh Gill, Veteran

Dear Col Sohi,

Reference your very calm response to 'Hav' Shangara Singh's email.

It is very much in line with our theme of 'Bhae kahun ko det nahin, nan bhae manat ahe'. Let us also try 'Hum nahin channge, burra nahin koe'. This will help in resolving present war of emails.

Your balanced response, point wise clarifications, use of appropriate language should be appreciated by ALL, who keep crossing emails (using as sowrds !!). We must maintain the mutual respect for each other, what ever may be the provocation.

Unfortunately, it is NOT happening. We intend using 'words' which cause deep hurt to others. Such mails increase animosity amongst members (we all are ESM - in IESL / IESM or what ever be name of our group set up). A retired G..... or any other rank, is an ESM first and member of some organisation later. If either of the groups fail while dealing with GOI, then whole ESM community will fail.

We can achieve our objective only when we put up a united front. Infighting will weaken our case. Just to keep away those, who are or were raising voice of discontent, GOI invited only those, who towed / will tow their line in future. Such divisions will weaken our fight for the cause. And that is what the Topiwala and Penwala wants.

Our Core Gp in IESM.

It will be worthwhile clarifying some issues raised by our PUNJAB chapter ESMs in their emails, if not for all to know, atleast to those,who had raised the points - sought clarifications. Let that be one to one communication, instead of using 'proxy' or other members writing to person asking for clarifications.

This used to be the practice in the past (our history is full of such examples) In any case, when we found NO enemy to fight with, we fought with each other. Let the histroy NOT repeat itself.

Warm regards

Lt Col Inderjit Singh Gill, Veteran
41, Signals Vihar,
MHOW(MP) 453 442

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