Saturday, October 24, 2009

Qusetions to Col Khera by Hav Sangha..Punjab ESM

2009/10/22 Hawaldar Sangha

Respected Col Khera Sahib,


I have read your mails with interest.You have displayed lot good for ESM.Since you qoute Guru Nanak Dev Ji, i will like to talk Truth with you.

Sir, You talk of Ngo.Col sohi does good work for ESm,but he is also glory only.Sir, you talk that some org have no democratic set up.I will ask question-nog-Grivance cell by Col sohi.
1. Do thay have bank account.
2. How do they account all contributions.
3. Is that ngo running on democrativc set up.
4. what is the or of that.
5. are their accounts audited.
6. Do they hold elctions.
Sir, better learn facts and then talk.
Now, all membership contributions and donations were being collected by one person as coordinator of Punjab -Iesm.No accounting,no countersigning,and no disclosures tomembers.Aprox 5 lakhs taken care of.When Hq asked for accounting,he statrted making new org.All other ngo pay him for all expenses.It shows all for funds.

Generals at Delhi may not have known how to run civ org but they gave us direction.You have been saying negative things for Generals.Sir pl do not politicise.Our Army is the best and generals are the best.In absence of Generals even Peon of Cm will not allow ypou to enter hsi offce.Pl try .we all veterans.Sir plaese do not part us.

Sir, you make new org at behest of congress.You call Esm no political.Col Boparai congress.Col sohi till 16 sep support BJP and overnight congress.Now through congress or akali funds you want to create disunity.History and we esm will not pardon you.You are against OROP.You giving statemenst that PM has accepted orop but if you do not fulfill this all esm will cahse from your houses.

i will request good sense,language and pl let other org working for cause work.Do not politiciase.politicians have kept us apart they will still doit.

Any misdtake pl pardon. It is only old infantry man hwo is suffring asyou all are busy fighting one org against other.why new org..will you get us orop.

Hav Sangha a infantry soldier later with Aec.

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