Monday, October 12, 2009

What are the rights of the Ex- Servicemen..?

What are the rights of the Ex- Servicemen

Pension Parity, Health Care, Disability Compensation, Education or Vocational Training, Easy Housing/ Loan facilities, Legal rights and other benefits extended to all those who have been honourably discharged from THE INDIAN ARMED FORCES.

According to data complied by ESM Welfare Department under MOD, about 2.6 million are ESM, or 0.022 percent of the civilian population (1.15 billion). This number includes those who served for the duration of their military careers and those who served for only a short time, such as Short Service Commissioned Officers. Given such an insignificant percentage of the population, the government has neglected their rights and systematically failed to provide/ diluted the benefits for these retired servicemen.

The MOD is primarily responsible for administering the various programs through the Ex Servicemen Welfare Department which is solely staffed by civilians whose dedication to the cause is a suspect. The intended programmes do not impact nor do they reach the lowest rung of retired sepoys. Most of the programmes are Officer centric who only comprise 2% of the total ESM population. The focus is geared to employment generation for all retiring Officers instead of ensuring employment for all sepoys who retire from active service. Security Agency scheme initiated by DGR sucks... only to demean the armed forces in general. All you need is to see the security guards posted as Chowkidars... a combat soldier reduced to a comic figure!

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