Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pension Slips to Defence Personnel ..???

Is this true?

Relevant portion of RBI circular regarding issue of pension slip by Banks is reproduced below for your information. Please ensure you get these every month. This is separate from Annexure IV.
Para 20: Disbursement of Central Government Pension through Public Sector Banks-Issue of Pension Slips to Defence Pensioners: Master Circular- Disbursement of Pension by Agency Banks(Ref. DGBA.GAD. H-17663/45.05.031/ 2006-07 dated June 12, 2007)

It has been decided in consultation with the Office of Chief Controller of Defence Accounts and the Department of Ex-Servicemen welfare, Ministry of Defence to issue pension slip to Armed Forces Personnel/ Defence Civilian pensioners including family pensioners on par with the existing system as applicable to Central Government Pensioners (Civil). All the agency banks were advised to issue suitable instructions to their pension paying branches.
Deepak Verma, Veteran

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