Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are 'Fauzis' Politically Dumb? by Brig Sukhwindar singh

Are 'Fauzis' Politically Dumb?

Soldiers have a right to vote. The Constitution provides this right. A Soldier is free to cast his Vote in favour of any Political Party. It is therefore never meant that a Serving Soldier can not have political inclination or choice.

Then what is being 'apolitical' for a Serving Soldier? He is to be 'apolitical' while supporting the Government of the Day, led by any party, despite his preference for the ideology propagated by some other Party which may NOT be in power. He is to give his 100% in discharging his duties in support of the Govt. for Governance within the Constitutional framework.

ESMs of course are FREE. They have to only ensure that NO action of theirs, as a learned and disciplined ex-Soldiers, should adversely impact the Serving Community.

Fauzis therefore need NOT be seen as Politically Dumb.

We must use our Voting Power to the best advantage of the ESMs. Work out long-term alliances - preferably pre-poll. And commence ground work well integrated with the Party You wish to support as an ESM Organisation. And Consolidate the advantages gained thus far.

Brig Sukhwindar Singh

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