Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Views by Col BS Dhillon..Chandigarh

From: baldev dhillon biloodhilon@gmail.com

Subject: Action necessary for saving the unity of IESM Punjab—

Date: Tuesday, 19 May, 2009, 9:43 PM

Dear Raj,
1. We take this opportunity to thank you and the Core Group for taking the uniterrupted criticism for the being labelled as Pro-BJP in the true spirit, as we being a democratic and mature set up are open to views of all ex-servicemen. This, in my view will help us to stay clear of divisive forces in future as well as help & motivate our further resolve to keep up the pressure on any Govt in power for our just demand of OROP, more for the PBOR, who are the most sufferers and great injustice done to them.

2. The IESM has been able to try and forge some unity amongst the various ESM organisations but some saboteurs are still present, who are bent upon creating rifts and are assuming such self appointed designations, after being rejected and outlawed by their parent ESM organisations here in IESM Punjab [Mohali].

3. The IESM Punjab coordinator for Mohali is Lt Col SS Sohi, who single handed has been instrumental in getting all the local ESM groups with him and because of this; we have been able to put in our efforts with the central organisation. He is the most active and self-less worker for the Ex-servicemen & Family pensioners having started the Ex-servicemen Grievance Cell in Mohali since last 15 years and has been taking up cases with all concerned and also issuing Press Releases in the media from time to time..

4. Today I wish to request you to kindly ... (edited) ..... to send all communications directly to Lt Col S S Sohi, at ''sadhusohi@gmail.com '' for action or for further dissemination to the ex-servicemen in Mohali/Chandigarh . This will close the bitter infighting & atmosphere being vitiated. ... (edited) ....

5. I would like to appeal to all Ex-servicemen to stop the E-Mails pertaining to the 12 APR 09 advisory& election results, as we have to be united for the continuation of our struggle for OROP. A point we must record that voting for BJP does not mean that we have joined BJP & we cannot approach UPA for our demands. We must remember that we are not fighting only for IESM members but all the 2.5 Million Ex-servicemen/Widows throughout our country with a major thrust for the PBOR.

6. Lastly I would request the Core Group to kindly decide the future course of action considering all options available to us to get our demands accepted by the Govt.

With Regards,
Col B S Dhillon, CHANDIGARH .

(All ESM need to appreciate the reconciliation approach adopted by Col BS Dhillon to remove all misunderstanding among some of us.
I congratulate you Col Dhillon for this very important initiative.
It is time all negative emails criticising various ESM organisation are stopped. Help from all Veterans is necessary to bring peace among all veterans and –

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