Sunday, May 10, 2009

Visit to Bareilly ..Maj Gen AJB Jaini 08 May 2009


Dear Friends,

As a Member of the IESM Core Gp & Steering Committee, I, along with Col R.L.Goel ( Member IESM ), had the proud priveledge on behalf of the IESM to Chair a Press Conf @ BAREILLY on 8th May.

We were there to announce, express & disseminate the support of IESM to the BJP candidate, of Bareilly Constituency.

Shri Santosh Gangwar - BJP, a SEVENTH time experienced politician & Ex Petroleum Minister, is the candidate whome we are supporting. He is a SURE SHOT WINNER fm Bareilly.

A VERY LARGE gathering of both Print & Visual Media reps attended. Most heartening is the fact that reps of ALL leading Media Houses of U.P were present. During the Conf, our IESM stand was explained.

During the Q/A Session, some pressmen queried whether the Defence pers had become ' Naitik' - meaning ' Political '. The Q was welcomed & clarrified as follows;-

1. IESM CONTINUES to be ' APOLITICAL ' , & any impressions to the contrary would be incorrect.
2. Being ' Politically Wise ' was NOT being ' Political '.
3. Being ' Politically Aware' was NOT being ' Political '.
4. ESM have now realised the POWER of their VOTE.
5. IESM is only being ' Politically Correct '
6. ESM WILL vote for the Party which assures & promises to take care of ESM WELFARE, as THAT is the MAIN AIM of our ' Movement'.

The Media applauded our practical approach & view. Our logical ' Stand ' was very well received & much appreciated by them, as could be clearly discerned from their TOTAL AGREEMENT to the Decision taken by IESM.

Since we had the time & opportunity, we had asked the BJP workers @ Bareilly to also collect as many ESM from nearby areas, as possible . A large gathering had collected at the venue. They were separately addressed & explained the happenings/ progress of the ' Movement '. It was most heartening to see their sense of satisfaction in the expression of their TOTAL ENDORSEMENT.

Despite the Stiffling Heat of the day - further heated up due to the Political Temp !, the Press Conf was a ' Great ' SUCCESS.

Maj Gen A.J.B. Jaini, AVSM, ( Veteran )
Member Core Gp of IESM

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