Sunday, May 17, 2009

Views by Brig CS Kamboj on Col Ravi Bedi mail of Hind sight

From: ravi bedi

Date: Saturday, 16 May, 2009, 2:07 PM

In hind sight,

was the IESM's backing a particular political party a good thing or not? And what should the future course be for ESM's

Ravi Bedi

Lt Col Ravi Bedi
Chief Functionary, Youth Technical Training Society,
13(GF) Karuna Sadan, Sec 11 Chandigarh
Ph 91-9417068048
Res: 1069 Sec 39B Chandigarh- India

(Reference question by Col Ravi Bedi in the email above - it was IESM Advisory which compelled the Congress (and UPA) to announce support for OROP in Punjab during their election campaign and compelled them to announced the formation of a Special Committee to examine OROP.

I have received many rude emails accusing IESM, 'Report My Signal ' and me as mouth piece of BJP. While I and majority of supporters of IESM must have voted for BJP (and most of you also must have voted for some party or the other), I assure the members that IESM, REPORT MY SIGNAL and Chander Kamboj, were apolitical and will continue to be apolitical like most of you who voted for other parties.

IESM, Report My Signal and I did what we felt was the need of the hour. I couldn't careless for those abusive emails being sent to me.
I consider those rude emails as immature and childish act, not worth responding.

It is time we all forget the pre-election moods of ours, again stand shoulder to shoulder, and draw fresh strategy to achieve what we desire for -
Justice to Defence Services.
I feel it will be much easier for us to achieve our aim now.
I feel we may not have to go into agitation mode once again.

Some of you may not admit openly, but if you analyse dispassionately, The media, all political parties and the Indian nation as a whole are now well aware of problems of Defence Services - thanks to the agitation mode of IESM and the voting advisory issued by IESM. - Chander Kamboj)

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